February 2, 1950 - September 3, 1967
CBS Primetime Game Show - 876 Broadcasts


John Daly

Regular Panelists:
Arlene Francis
Dorothy Kilgallen
Bennett Cerf

Frequent Panelists:
Louis Untermeyer
Hal Block
Steve Allen
Fred Allen

Lee Vines
Bern Bennett
Dick Stark
Hal Simms
Jack Clark
Johnny Olsen
Ralph Paul

Network Televsion's longest running primetime game show.
For seventeen years the show aired Sunday nights at 10:30 P.M.

The Game, which remained unchanged throughout its long run,
consisted of four panelists trying to guess either the unusual
occupation of a contestant or a product associated with them.

A panel member asked questions and the guest would answer yes or no.
The panelist remained in control of the questioning until he or she
received a no answer. The next member of the panel could then ask questions.
A contestant received $5 for each no answer
and ten nos ended the game in favor of the contestant.

In the last round of the evening, the panelists put on blindfolds
and tried to guess the identity of a celebrity mystery guest.

Watch the premier episode from February 2, 1950 below.

Watch complete episode aired October 5, 1952 with Mystery Guest Bette Davis below.

Watch complete episode with Mystery Guests Lucille Ball & Desi Arnazs below.

September 9, 1968 - September 1975
Syndicated Game Show

Wally Bruner
Larry Blyden

Regular Panelists:
Arlene Francis
Soupy Sales

Johnny Olsen
Chet Gould
Wayne Howell
Dennis Wholey
Jack Haskell

In September 1968 the show was brought back in
first-run syndication, airing five times a week.
Wally Bruner became the new host. Bruner left in
1972 and was replaced by Larry Blyden for the
last three seasons. The game was played the
same as in the original primetime version.

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