Premiered October 23, 2009
USA Network Crime Drama

Neal Caffrey:   Matthew Bomer
Peter Burke:   Tim DeKay
Mozzie:   Willie Garson
Elizabeth Burke:   Tiffani Thiessen
Jones:   Sharif Atkins
Lauren Cruz:   Natalie Morales
Reese Hughes:   James Rebhorn
Kate:   Alexandra Daddario
June:   Diahann Carroll
Alex:   Gloria Votsis
Garrett Fowler:   Noah Emmerich
Maurice:   Piper Kenny
Diana Lancing:   Marsha Thomason
Yvonne:   Kelly McCreary
FBI Agent:   Steven Weisz

White Collar is about the unlikely partnership of a
con artist and an FBI agent who have been playing cat and mouse for years.

Charming, sexy and sophisticated, Neal Caffrey is one of the world's greatest
con artists. With his talents, Neal can have anything he desires, and what he wants
more than anything is to track down his recently vanished girlfriend, Kate.

After escaping from prison, with only three months to go in a four-year maximum
security prison sentence, and getting caught by the man who put him there in the
first place, Agent Peter Burke. Neal strikes a bargain: In exchange for his freedom,
Neal will help the FBI catch the most elusive criminals in the country.

A no-nonsense federal agent in the FBI's White Collar Crime Unit, Peter Burke
believes in earning success the old-fashioned way, with perseverance and hard work.

It took him years of both, along with the steadfast support of his loving wife,
Elizabeth, to finally catch elusive white-collar criminal Neal Caffrey.

Now, Peter finds himself teaming up with his former adversary, and though hesitant
to trust cunning ex-con Neal Caffrey, Peter can't help but recognize that with all his
charm, intelligence and expertise, Neal might just be the perfect partner.

The beautiful and steadfast wife of FBI agent Peter, Elizabeth Burke understands
her husband's work ethic. As Peter's confidante, she stands by her husband as he
tracks elusive criminals and offers fresh perspective whenever he needs it.

Elizabeth's support never wavers, even as she juggles her home life with a
demanding career in event planning. All she asks for is a little attention in return.

When Peter teams up with his old nemesis Neal Caffrey, Elizabeth has her doubts.
However, when Peter's romantic side starts to show for the first time in years, she
wonders if perhaps her husband's partnership with the charming Neal will have its benefits.

Neal Caffrey's friend and trusted ally, Mozzie has deep connections in the
criminal underworld and can get just about anything for Neal,
from classified secrets to cutting edge technology.

What Mozzie lacks in charm and charisma, he makes up for with insider knowledge
and secret sources. Neal has always counted on his mysterious friend, and now
that Neal is spending a little time on the right side of the law,
Mozzie's connections could prove to be more valuable than ever.

Agent Lauren Cruz is a transfer from the Organized Crime Unit.
Beautiful and audacious, Lauren's education - she has a doctorate from Cambridge
and is fluent in five languages - quickly establishes her as a valuable member
of Peter's team, as does her predilection for undercover work. Lauren also knows
all about Neal Caffrey, having written part of her thesis at Quantico about him.
Yet despite her prior conceptions about the debonair con man,
she can't help but be a little impressed by Neal...or deny the spark between them.

Now, Neal is using his unique skills to help the government,
and trying his hardest to stay on the right side of the law ... for once.

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