September 18, 1992 - June 5, 1996
CBS Drama - 89 Episodes


Sheriff Jimmy Brock:   Tom Skerritt
Dr. Jill Brock:   Kathy Baker
Kimberly Brock:   Holly Marie Combs
Matthew Brock:   Justin Shenkarow
Zach Brock:   Adam Wylie
Officer Kenny Lacos:   Costas Mandylor
Officer Maxine Stewart:   Lauren Holly
Ginny Weeden:   Zelda Rubinstein
Judge Henry Bone:   Ray Walston
Douglas Wambaugh:   Fyvush Finkel
Dr. Carter Pike, M.E.:   Kelly Connell
Mayor Bill Pugen:   Michael Keenan
Principal Michael Oslo:   Roy Brocksmith
Rev. Henry Novotny:   Dabbs Greer
Father Gary Barrett:   Roy Dotrice
Cynthia Parks:   Elisabeth Moss
D.A. John Littleton:   Don Cheadle
Rachel Harris:   Leigh Taylor-Young
Ed Lawson:   Richard Masur
Howard Buss:   Robert Cornthwaite
Dr. Joanna 'Joey' Diamond:   Amy Aquino
Franklin Dell:   Denis Arndt
DA Petrovek:   Jason Beghe
Billy O'Connell:   Bojesse Christopher
Miriam Wambaugh:   Ann Morgan Guilbert
Mayor Laurie Bey:   Marlee Matlin
Frank "The Patoto Man" Teacher:   David Proval
Mourner:   Ben Schneider
Miriam Wambaugh:   Erica Yohn

The quaint town of Rome, Wisconsin was the setting
for this quirky drama. On the surface everything in
Rome seemed perfectly normal, but strange things
happened there. The central focus was the Brock family:
Jimmy, the level-headed sheriff; his compassionate
wife, Jill, head physician at Thayer Hospital; Kimberly,
the daughter from Jimmy's first marriage; and their two
sons, sensitive 8-year-old Zach and 11-year-old Matthew.
Also featured were Kenny and Maxine, Jimmy's ambitious
and frequently over enthusiastic deputies; Ginny, their
eavesdropping busybody receptionist who after retirement
was found frozen solid in her freezer chest; Carter, the
eccentric medical examiner; Wambaugh, the outlandish,
bombastic defense attorney; and crusty old Judge Bone,
in whose courtroom much of the action took place.

Episodes of Picket Fences often mixed serious topics
with extraneous, often silly, subplots. The resolutions
of the serious plotlines almost always ended up in the
courtroom, where Judge Bone's impassioned verdicts
shed light on moral and ethical issues that left
viewers with much to ponder. The critics loved the
series for the complexity and unpredictability of
the stories, but considering the shows dismal ratings,
it's amazing the series lasted four full seasons.

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