September 21, 1993 - March 1, 2005
ABC Police Drama - 261 Episodes


Det. Andy Sipowicz:   Dennis Franz
Lt. Arthur Fancy:   James McDaniel
Officer/Det. James Martinez:   Nicholas Turturro
Det. John Kelly:   David Caruso
Laura Hughes Kelly:   Sherry Stringfield
Officer Janice Licalsi:   Amy Brenneman
Ast. D.A. Sylvia Costas:   Sharon Lawrence
Det. Greg Medavoy:   Gordon Clapp
Det. Bobby Simone:   Jimmy Smits
Donna Abandando:   Gail O'Grady
Det. Adrienne Lesniak:   Justine Miceli
Det. Diane Russell:   Kim Delaney
Gina Colon:   Lourdes Benedicto
Off. Abby Sullivan:   Paige Turco
Det. Jill Kirkendall:   Andrea Thompson
P.A.A. John Irvin:   Bill Brochtrup
Det. Danny Sorenson:   Rick Schroder
Det. Baldwin Jones:   Henry Simmons
Assistant D.A. Valerie Heywood:   Garcelle Beauvais
Det. Connie McDowell:   Charlotte Ross
Lieutenant Tony Rodriguez:   Esai Morales
Theo Sipowicz:   Austin Majors
Katie Sipowicz:   Debra Monk
Officer Mike Shannon:   James McBride
Officer Miller:   Billy Concha
I.A.B. Sergeant Martens:   Scott Allan Campbell
N.D. "Hank" Harold:   Henry Murph
Josh Astrachan:   Ray Latulipe
Assistant D.A./Former ADA Leo Cohen:   Michael B. Silver
Captain Clifford Bass:   Larry Joshua
Detective Harry Denby:   Scott Cohen
Officer Mary Franco:   Sheeri Rappaport
Inspector Aiello:   Andy Romano
Andy Sipowicz, Jr.:   Michael DeLuise
Dolores Mayo:   Lola Glaudini
Naomi Reynolds:   Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
Geri Turner:   Debra Christofferson
Det. Mike Roberts:   Michael Harney
Sgt./Det. Bill Dornan:   Richard Gant
Marie Medavoy:   Deborah Taylor
Don Kirkendall:   Erich Anderson
Desk Sergeant Vincent Agostini:   Vincent Guastaferro
James Sinclair:   Daniel Benzali
Jimmy Liery:   Christopher Meloni
D.A. Maury Abrams:   Charles Levin
Zone Commander Haverill:   James Handy
Det. Stu Morrissey:   Conor O'Farrell
Det. Vince Gotelli:   Carmine Caridi
Doc Mondzac:   Titus Welliver
Det. Nick Savino:   Steve Antin
Doctor Victor Carreras:   David Barrera
Benita Alden:   Melina Kanakaredes
J.B. Murphy:   Jeff Cahill
Alfonse Giardella:   Robert Costanzo
Josh "4B" Goldstein:   David Schwimmer
Cynthia Bunin:   Juliana Donald
Henry Coffield:   Willie Garson
Det. Eddie Gibson:   John F. O'Donohue
Officer Szymanski:   Christopher Stanley
David 'Dave' Moore:   Dan Bucatinsky
Assistant D.A. Don Harrison:   Stan Cahill
Mrs. Hornby:   Elmarie Wendel

"NYPD Blue" set new standards for the police
drama genre. Co-created and executive produced
by Steven Bochco and David Milch, the show
broke every record with 27 Emmy nominations
its first season. It won the coveted award
for Outstanding Drama Series in its sophomore
year, and received Emmy Awards for writing and
directing in the fourth and fifth seasons. The
show has received an astounding 80 Emmy
nominations, winning 17.

Set against the gritty and volatile backdrop
of New York City, "NYPD Blue" powerfully
portrays realistic characters devoting
themselves to the pursuit of justice while
struggling to sustain an ever-elusive sense
of humanity. In spite of -- or perhaps because
of -- the bleakness of the streets, the chaos
of the squad room and the fragility of their
own private lives, the members of the 15th
Precinct share a strong commitment to
the job -- and each other.

Emmy nominee Jimmy Smits continued his role
as Detective Bobby Simone on a limited
basis in the 1998-99 season.

Three-time Emmy Award-winner Dennis Franz plays
Detective Andy Sipowicz. Devoted to the job and
committed to his wife and young son, Sipowicz
continues to survive life's many struggles.

Emmy Award nominee James McDaniel is
Lieutenant Arthur Fancy, whose brusque style
and deep compassion command respect, yet he
continues to maintain his composure in the
face of such daily challenges as racism
and inner-office politics.

Emmy nominee Nicholas Turturro is James
Martinez, sensitive, streetwise and committed
to his personal and professional families,
is adjusting to his responsibilities
as a new husband and father.

Emmy nominee Gordon Clapp is Detective Greg
Medavoy, brimming with anticipation and riddled
with anxiety as he assumes the role of
"surrogate parent" now that fellow officer Abby
Sullivan is raising the son he fathered.

Emmy winner Kim Delaney portrays Detective Diane
Russell, who, after confronting traumatic truths
about her past, has finally married Detective
Bobby Simone and embarks upon a promising future.

Andrea Thompson portrays Detective Jill
Kirkendall, a divorced, single mother and
insightful cop whose uncanny instinct for the
job reaps commendations from her colleagues.

Emmy nominee Sharon Lawrence portrays
Assistant District Attorney Sylvia Costas,
Andy's supportive wife, who must balance the
demands of law, marriage and motherhood.

Rick Schroder, the newest member of the squad,
plays an eager, young narcotics detective,
Danny Sorenson, who must adjust to the
varying personalities and idiosyncrasies
of his new colleagues.

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