September 11, 1962 - August 20, 1966
ABC Situation Comedy - 138 Episodes


Lt. Cdr. Quinton McHale:   Ernest Borgnine
Captain Wallace Binghamton:   Joe Flynn
Ensine Charles Parker:   Tim Conway
Seaman Lester Gruber:   Carl Ballantine
Seaman Harrison "Tinker" Bell:   Billy Sands
Seaman Willy Moss:   John Wright
Seaman Happy Haines:   Gavin MacLeod
Seaman Virgil Farrell:   Edson Stroll
Quarter Master Christopher:   Gary Vinson
Fuji Kobiaji:   Yoshio Yoda
Lt. Elroy Carpenter:   Bob Hastings
Molly Turner:   Jane Dulo
Admiral Bruce Rogers:   Roy Roberts
Admiral Benson:   Bill Quinn
Cheif Tali Urulu:   Jacques Aubuchon
Colonel Harrington:   Henry Beckman
General Bronson:   Simon Scott
Mayor Mario Lugatto:   Jay Novello
Dino, the Mayor's aide:   Dick Wilson
Mama Rosa Giovanni:   Peggy Mondo
Lt. Gloria Winters:   Cindy Robbins

The South Pacific; the island of Taratupa during World
War II is the backdrop for this successful comedy series.
The U.S. Navy was never like this! Lt. Commander Quinton
McHale was the commander of Squadron 19 and P.T. Boat 73.
It was one of the strangest, most outrageous crews ever
assembled. Stories related the bickering relationship
between the easygoing, regulation-ignoring, con-artist
McHale and his long-suffering superior, Captain Binghamton
(known as "Old Lead Bottom" to McHale's crew). Determined
to enjoy the serenity the war provides from his nagging
wife, Binghamton endlessly, but fruitlessly, schemes to
expose McHale and his crew of pirates who have turned
the island into "the Las Vegas of the Pacific."

At the start of the last season, the entire crew, including
Captain Binghamton, was transfered to Southern Italy, where
they helped maintain the occupation of the small town of
Voltafiore against the possible incursion of German troops.
Not only did Binghamton still have to deal with the
incorrigible McHale, but he was now saddled with a
conniving Italian Mayor, who was almost as adept a
con man as McHale himself. Nothing changed but the
environment. The gambling that had run rampant in
the Pacific now included local residents as
well as military personnel.

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