September 17, 1989 - April 16, 1993
CBS Situation Comedy - 96 Episodes

Major John MacGillis:   Gerald McRaney
Polly Cooper MacGillis:   Shanna Reed
Elizabeth Cooper:   Marisa Ryan
Robin Cooper:   Nicole Dubuc
Casey Cooper:   Chelsea Hertford
2nd Lt. Gene Holowachuk:   Matt Mulhern
Sgt. Byron James:   Marlon Archey
Merilee Gunderson:   Whitney Kershaw
Chip Russell:   Rod Brogan
Gunnery Sgt. Alva Bricker:   Beverly Archer
Maj. Gen. Marcus Craig:   Jon Cypher

"Sitting with a man who can snap my neck like a
chicken. . .it's different." The speaker is Polly
Cooper, a pretty reporter for the Oceanside
Chronicle and a widow with three daughters. She's
interviewing Marine major J.D. "Mac" MacGillis.
"God, is that still our public image?" says Mac.
"Time bombs in uniform? Battlefield robots? Gung-ho
wild men?" Polly: "Old stereotypes die hard. How
would you characterize yourselves?" Mac shrugs:
"Warrior Gods. . .?" Polly writes her article,
which is, well, somewhat slanted. Okay, it's a
hatchet job. Polly is a fire-eating liberal who
doesn't agree with anything Mac says. They have
nothing in common, except chemistry. Before you
can say semper fi, Mac is down on one knee,
asking Polly to marry him.

Being a man of dicipline, John had a hard time
adjusting to being a father of three girls:
Elizabeth, into rock music and boys; Robin,
intellectual and sensitive; and Casey, just too
cute for words. At the base, his staff included
eager-to-please Lt. Holowachuk, bright Sgt.
James, and his perpetually perky secretary
Marilee Gunderson, daughter of the base commander.

At the start of the second season, John and his
family relocated to Camp Hollister, in Farlow,
Virginia, near Washington, D.C., where he was now
staff secretary to the base's gruff, eccentric
commanding officer, General Marcus Craig. Lt.
Holowachuk had also been transferred, becoming
his aide-de-camp, and "Gunny" Bricker was his
new secretary. Polly's new job was feature
editor of The Bulldog, Camp Hollister's newspaper.

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