September 20, 1993 - July 18, 1997
CBS Situation Comedy - 98 Episodes


Dave Barry:   Harry Anderson
Beth Barry:   DeLane Matthews
Sheldon Baylor:   Meshach Taylor
Kenny Beckett:   Shadoe Stevens
Mia:   J.C. Wendel
Tommy Barry:   Zane Carney
Willie Barry:   Andrew Ducote
Eric:   Patrick Warburton
Carly Baylor:   Shannon Sharp
  Angell Conwell
Julie:   Tammy Lauren

Dave Barry was a syndicated newspaper columnist
living in Miami with his perky, supportive wife,
Beth, and their two young sons, Tommy and Willie.
Dave was a kind of whimsical, overgrown kid who
didn't quite understand how to deal with children,
technology, changing social values, or the world
of the nineties. His off-center reactions to things
and observations about the absurdities of life
were all grist for his column in the Miami Record-
Dispatch, called "Barry's World." Since Dave
worked at home, Beth's decision to go back to
teaching should not have created problems,

but like everything else in Dave's world, the
adjustment did not go smoothly. Dave had two
close friends, his self-centered womanizing editor,
Kenny, who was incapable of sustaining a meaningful
relationship, and his college buddy and neighbor
Shel, a recently divorced plastic surgeon with a
cute young daughter, Carly. Others seen were
Kenny's secretary, Mia, with more ambition than
talent; Mia's boyfriend, Eric, a handyman with
limited skills; and Beth's sister, Julie, a
recent divorcee. Ernest, a bloodhound, was
the Barry family dog.

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